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What sets us apart from other Children’s Dentists in Ballwin?

What sets us apart? The answer to that one is easy. TIME. We spend time talking to your child and being silly. We spend time telling your child stories so they forget they are in a dental office. We take time to show your child what we are doing and why. And we take time to help them, so they can help themselves.

When I set this office up, my only goal was to provide the best care for your child, no matter what it took. We will do what’s in your child’s best interest. Period. Talk to us and relax. Your child is in the best of hands! It is important to get to know your dentist as well so you are always welcome to stop by and visit the office prior to your appointment.


About your child’s first visit

Your child’s first visit and establishment of a “Dental Home” should ideally take place by the age of one year, as within the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD).

Your child’s first visit should be an exciting and pleasant one. However, we do understand that the “babies” just don’t understand why someone needs to be in their mouth and it’s OK. Over time, as your child grows with us, we seek to earn their trust.

In our office, we believe in empowering your child and helping him/her grow and understand the need for dental healthcare. Of course, our final aim is for your child to have fun!

Behavior influences behavior. We encourage you to instill the trust in your child by your own behavior. When you understand thoroughly what we do and why, and are completely convinced, satisfied and comfortable knowing that your child cannot be in better hands, your child will follow suit. We recommend parents to not focus much on the appointment. By all means talk to your child, but let them know that the team will be there to help your child and to show them all the “fun stuff” we have. Less can be more.

For a first visit, we normally just “shine” their teeth and “count” them. We also may take “pictures” if and when indicated to check for “bugs” between their teeth. We like to keep it easy and fun so your child will look forward to future visits and will take an active part in taking care of their teeth.

If you have any questions or concerns about your child’s first visit, do not hesitate to call us at (636) 527-2779. We prefer and recommend keeping open lines of communication.

We are a fantastic pediatric dentist in Ballwin, Missouri and are located near Chesterfield. Dr. Ahmed secured the location in Ballwin in 2006 and this site has been her home away from home ever since.


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956 Kehrs Mill Rd, Ballwin, MO 63011

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