Covid19 Rules for Office

Dear Parents:

I hope you all are well and looking forward to resuming your lives.  Here, at West County Pediatric Dentistry, we are trying to establish our ‘new’ normal.

The safety of myself, my team, and my patients have always come first and will always be first in consideration.  We are happy to let our patients know that we are now open. I am taking in the guidance from the CDC and the ADA and my medical colleagues to devise a “new” system for our office.  We hope you understand that while it won’t be how we have usually conducted business, it will be best for the health and safety of all our patients.

Please note that we recommend all parents stay in the car.  Call us as soon as you get to our parking lot.  We will have you answer some health questions to make sure that no one in your family is sick.  One of our team members will come out and check the temperature of all family members in the car.  Please note that if you are running a low-grade fever, we will request you to reschedule your child’s dental appointment.

While we recommend all parents to stay in the car, we understand it is not feasible all the time.  We are placing age and number limits to the above rule.  No parent of a child over the age of 3 will be allowed into our reception area to wait for treatment.  Parents/caregivers will be allowed in briefly, to sign paperwork and for legal necessities, but no other member of the family will be allowed in our reception area.

At any given time, we will only allow a maximum of one person in our reception area.  No other family members will be allowed.  All parents will be required to wear a mask to enter the office.  Unfortunately, masks can NOT be provided by our office.  A parent without a mask will not be allowed into our office.  The mask must stay on throughout your wait in our reception area.

As always, parents will not be allowed back into the treatment areas.  This is to minimize infection risk by socially distancing and minimizing the number of people coming back.

For children under 3:  One masked parent and child will be allowed back for a knee to knee exam.  Please note that your child must be held throughout the exam and your conversation with Dr. Ahmed.  We understand that the little ones don’t want to be held for too long and want to roam.  In that case, we recommend, after the exam, you carry your child back to the car and you can call Dr. Ahmed to have a more in-depth conversation.

Please know that these recommendations may change as time progresses.  If there are any questions regarding our ‘new’ normal, please call us at (636) 527-2779

We know these changes are inconvenient, but we humbly appreciate your patience and understanding.  Thank you and we will talk to you soon.


Shahnaz B. Ahmed, DDS


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